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How to Plan a Perfect Wedding Sand Ceremony

A wedding sand ceremony is expressed the joining together of two people or two families. It is a simple yet incredible idea. Each of the partners sand pours a different colored sand into one clear vase in turns. The sand so poured forms different layers in the vase. There are times where only the couple pour the sand and other times when other members of the family participate each with a different color. The color creates a peaceful feeling for the families involved. Other couples use the lighting of a candle to signify their agreement. The sand is long lasting, and you can see it for many days as opposed to the candle that burns and gets finished. The sand is not affected by the wind like the candle which is hard to light outside in the open because of wind. The couple is each given a jar with a different color sand and after the officer explain a few words, they both pour into an empty vase one at a time.

In most cases it is the groom who starts the pouring ceremony by pouring his first. The bride then pours hers as well which forms a separate layer. The members of the family each pour the sand in one vessel in different time. When the couple is not joined in the ceremony by the other members of the family; they pour in turns until they finish. The mixture formed by the sand symbolizes the family unity. The couple would like to leave the last pouring for themselves. Others like doing it with all the family members.

The sand ceremony can be performed at any time of the marriage. It can also be taken as a separate ritual at the reception. Most people prefer to have the ceremony conducted soon after they exchange their rings.Most would prefer to have the observance immediately after they exchange their rings. That makes the sand ceremony look like the crowning bit of the entire service. All the vases used in this ritual should have sand with a different color. The sand will be according to the vase that is carrying it. The and can be available in any shop that sells bridal accessories. Every participant is supposed to have their vase. All the sand is expected to be out in one big jar. If you are doing a church wedding you may need to place the sand somewhere near the altar. You need to put all the vessels there and also it will be used as the ceremony table. Most couples prefer to custom make their vases so that they have their names engraved on the vase. For religious weddings the priest can start by pouring white sand as a symbol for God.Getting Down To Basics with Weddings

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